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My 'Yak...Field n' Stream Eagle 12...500 Lb. capacity!  I'm a big guy.

Nice seat; needed reinforcing.  See the rod-holders
behind it?
I like this color!

it's like luggage!

Removable watertight, toteable, floatable, towable stowage!

boat style for towing!
Strong hatch.

Me, heading out on my maiden voyage!Aug. 2011

My daughter Patti, pushing off!

seat detail.
Another big guy in the same kayak!

My anchoring system.  Ideally, anchoring a kayak should
have a pulley system to move the anchor from bow to stern.
I like to avoid that by just switching the anchor fore & aft using
the lines to pull the anchor towards me.  This system avoids
accidental lateral anchoring which may swamp the kayak in
fast-moving water.
Jersey Shore, Summer sunset: thanks Mike!

My anchor system.

Kayak Canopy; UV is bad, usually.
my boy Mike in South Jersey in his Eagle 12

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